The Orleans Festival Grounds

4500 W. Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89103


Sep 29 – Oct 2

5PM to 11PM THU & FRI



A Toast to the Próst!

The tradition of clinking glasses of alcohol in celebration is an ancient practice in our history–we’ve been doing it for a long time! In fact, basically since the beginning of alcoholic beverages, humans have been clinking glasses to wish happiness and good health. But the question is, WHY? 


  • An Offering to the Gods – Some think toasting began with the people of Ancient Greece, honoring their gods during ceremonies and feasts.

  • Avoiding poison – Another, slightly darker theory comes from the Middle Ages. The idea here is that when everyone would toast, a little of everyone’s drink would splash into another – making the thought of poisoning someone’s glass risky. 

  • Fighting demons – Another theory for clinking glasses that have popped up in a few cultures (including Germanic tribes!) is the idea that the sound of the clinking cubs will scare off evil spirits. 

Regardless of its origins, the clinking of glasses has become a sign of trust, honesty, and a toast to good health around the world. Millions have raised their glasses in celebration, and we hope a few more will clink (the bottoms of) their glasses this Oktoberfest! In fact, You might also hear ein Prosit, which means ‘a toast’, as a signal for you to raise your glass along with your fellow drinkers. Raise a glass and remember that we’ve been coming together to clink our cups for thousands of years! 


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